Northwestern Mutual 2019 Dividend

Northwestern Mutual announced today that they will give an estimated $5.6 billion 2019 dividend payout.

This means that Northwestern Mutual’s 2019 dividend payout is the largest dividend payout for the company’s history. In addition, it’s the largest given by a mutual company ever.

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2019 Dividend Rate 5.0%

The dividend rate was announced, and it is a little bit of good news. The 2019 Dividend Rate is 5.0%. This means that a small increase will help Northwestern Mutual become more competitive again.

However, just like in previous years Northwestern Mutual will not be among the leaders in dividend performance.

To compare Northwestern Mutual dividend to the competition read: Whole Life Dividend Rate History.

Even-though the dividend rate probably will remain low, Northwestern Mutual is still very a strong financially:

  • Ranked #105 in Forbes 500 list
  • One of the largest mutual insurers in the U.S.

Northwestern’s most popular product is their participating whole life insurance. Participating whole life insurance will receive a significant portion of the total dividend payout.

To read our review for their whole life see Northwestern Mutual review.

Comparing to Northwestern 2018 Dividend & Other Years

The numbers for 2018 were the following:

Even though this payout may seem like good news for the company, Northwestern keeps loosing marketshare to companies like: Penn Mutual, MassMutual and New York Life

Compare the Dividend

Here we have the table that will help you compare the dividend:

Whole Life Dividends History 2020

Whole Life Dividends History 2020

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Other Announcements 

Here is a list of the other whole life providers and their announcements. As the numbers come in, we will update the links:

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