New York Life 2019 Dividend

New York Life announced today that they will give an estimated $1.8 billion 2019 dividend payout.

This is the 165th consecutive dividend paid by New York Life.

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2019 Dividend Rate of 6.0%

The dividend rate has been announced, and it is disappointing.

New York Life’s dividend for 2019 is 6.0%.

If you want to compare New York Life dividend to the competition read: Whole Life Dividend Rate History.

Even-though the dividend drops, New York Life is still one of the strongest insurance companies financially:

  • Ranked #69 in Forbes 500 list
  • One of the largest mutual insurers in the U.S.

To read our review for their whole life see New York Life review

Comparing to New York Life 2018 Dividend & Other Years

The numbers for 2018 were the following:

  • $1.78 billion in dividends to it’s policy holders in 2018
  • The dividend rate in 2018 was 6.2%
  • 2017 dividend was of 6.2%

This 2019 dividend announcement maintains New York Life as one of the leaders. To compare some of the competition check out: Penn Mutual, MassMutual and New York Life

Compare the Dividend 

Here we have the table that will help you compare the dividend:

Whole Life Dividends History 2020

Whole Life Dividends History 2020

Other Announcements 

Here is a list of the other whole life providers and their announcements. As the numbers come in, we will update the links:

You can also check out to see if Northwestern Mutual made the list of the: Top 7 Whole Life Companies for 2019

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