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At TopWholeLife we will help you:

  • Instantly find the best whole life for your specific need.
  • Offer all the information you need to be an informed buyer.
  • Find the best performing whole life insurance.
  • Compare Whole Life companies in seconds.

We started TopWholeLife because we realized that buying the best whole life was very complicated.

In the past, if you wanted to show around for a good whole life, you would have to call 10 different companies.

These 10 companies will give you the run around before you could speak to a live agent. Then you would have to speak to 10 different agents to get 10 different quotes.

Each of those agents would show you a different product. Besides, the agents will tell you their own product is the best.

We found the process of getting whole life insurance quotes tedious and inefficient, and also, there were no instant whole life insurance quotes online.

With us, we represent over 50 carriers, and we do not care to push products. We want to give you all the information so that you can make a smart decision.

This way, you will avoid 10 different agents calling you multiple times a day to convince you to buy from them.

Multiple Companies In One Spot

So we decided to compare all the whole life insurance and test them.  We strive to make the process very easy for you to compare only the best companies available.

We pride ourselves on being a resource for the informed buyer.

You will find easy access to quotes from multiple companies at multiple price points.

Don’t hesitate and request a quote in seconds.

Our History

Top Whole Life was founded by Tomasz Alemany with the purpose of making getting permanent life insurance as simple as it is to buy term insurance online.

Tomasz started his career as a financial advisor in 2011. He holds his 215 Life and Health Insurance License. Also, he was series 6, series 65, and series 63 license, and he has held the titles of Corporate Registered Investment Advisor and helped hundreds of clients personally.

Through the years he decided to focus on only the life insurance aspect of planning.

The Why By Tomasz

I had to create Top Whole Life, a website to help consumers by necessity. I used to be an agent/financial advisor for many years.

But at age 32, I went through cancer and it left me with a compromised voice.

After many operations to reconstruct my airway and my voice, I decided that I couldn’t depend on my voice to help clients one by one. I always liked whole life insurance, and I still own a lot of whole life.

The main reason I really liked it is, as a cancer survivor, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to renew my term insurance in the future. With the whole life insurance I owned, I didn’t have to worry about that. I am always protected even though my health changed.

So I created Top Whole Life with the purpose of making whole life insurance easy. I want as many people out there to feel the way I do about their permanent life insurance.

Also, I chose to go online due to health reasons, but now I realize it’s the best way to reach and help more people at once.

Tomasz Alemany is a father, real estate investor, and serial entrepreneur. 

How To Find Us

209-TOP-LIFE (867-5433)
Our Whole Life Insurance agents are located in West Palm, Florida and Andover, Massachusetts

Contact us if you want a quote, or if you would like us to beat a quote you received at Quotes@topwholelife.com