MassMutual 2019 Dividend

MassMutual announced that they will give an estimated $1.72 billion dividend payout in 2019.

MassMutual has paid a dividend for the last 151 years, and this is the largest dividend in the history of the company.

Read the full MassMutual press release here

2019 Dividend Rate of 6.4%

In addition, now we know the 2019 dividend rate is 6.4%. This is the same dividend as 2017.

This maintains MassMutual dividend among the strongest for 2019. However, there are still many companies to announce dividends.

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Dividends and Performance

Participating policies get paid a dividend and it is one of the major factors on how a whole life insruance performs. There are many other things to consider like:

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Compare the Dividend

Here we have the table that will help you compare the dividend:

Historical Whole Life Insurance Dividend Rates Graphic V2

Historical Whole Life Insurance Dividend Rates Graphic V2

Other Announcements

Here is a list of the other whole life providers and their announcements. As the numbers come in, we will update the links:

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