Northwestern Mutual 2018 Dividend

Northwestern Mutual announced today that they will give an estimated $5.3 billion 2018 dividend payout. In addition, Northwestern Mutual’s 2018 dividend payout is the 147 year that they give a dividend to policy holders.

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In addition, Northwestern already announced their 2019 dividend of $5.6 billion.

2018 Dividend Rate 4.9%

The dividend rate has been announced and it keeps going down, the rate for 2018 is 4.9%.

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Northwestern Mutual is ranked #97 in Forbes 500 list. They are one of the largest mutual insurers.

Their strongest product is their participating whole life insurance. Participating whole life insurance will receive a significant portion of the total dividend payout.

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Comparing to Northwestern 2017 Dividend

The numbers for 2017 were the following:

  • $5.2 billion in dividends to it’s policy holders
  • The dividend rate in 2017 dropped significantly to 5.0%
  • 2016 dividend was of 5.45%, a 45 basis point drop

This means that there was a $100 million dollar increase for the total payout from 2017. While that number may see large, in reality there was an increase of approximate 2% in total dividend payout. 

Compare the Dividend

Here we have the table that will help you compare the dividend:

Historical Whole Life Insurance Dividend Rates Graphic V2

Historical Whole Life Insurance Dividend Rates Graphic V2

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