MassMutual announced their 2016 dividend, and it is a record year. Also MassMutual is one of the top three mutual insurers in the U.S. Mutual companies pay a dividend to policy holders just like stock companies pay a dividend to stock holders.

Here are the 2016 numbers:

  1. MassMutual keeps a dividend of 7.1% for participating policies
  2. Total payout of $1.7 billion in dividends
  3. Dividend increased by $100 million from 2015

Dividend Rate

MassMutual maintains a 7.1% dividend in an environment where many of the mutual companies are lowering their dividend rates. This just proves how strong MassMutual is positioned in a very competitive market. In addition MassMutual has never missed a payment through is 164 year history.

This dividend is paid to participating policy holders, and among participating policies there are whole life, disability and long term care. Furthermore this 7.1% dividend is what drives the performance on MassMutual’s  cash value and death benefit growth on their whole life policy.

If you want to get all the dividend information, here is the announcement:

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Other Dividend Announcements

The following are newer dividend announcements from MassMutual.

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