MassMutual 2017 Dividend Announced

MassMutual has announced it’s 2017 dividend. Here is our breakdown of the announcement:

  • A total dividend payout of $1.6 billion
  • MassMutual announced a dividend interest rate of 6.70%.
  • Last years dividend was of 7.1%, a 40 basis point drop

This large dividend drop can be a consequence of the pressure many mutual insurance companies are feeling from a low interest rate environment.

A Big Hit

Also this drop means that MassMutual could loose it’s place as the highest dividend in the industry. To see the last 15 years of dividends see our review: MassMutual Dividend History.

Finally, if MassMutual announced such a large drop, we wouldn’t be surprised to see many more companies have significant drops. In addition, you can see MassMutual’s 2017 Dividend Announcement here.

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