Updated Oct 27th, 2016

What type of Life Insurance Does Hillary Clinton Have?

Hillary Clinton is one of the most polarizing political figures of all time. Not only is she a lifelong politician, but she is also the wife of former president Bill Clinton, and may be the first woman president for the U.S., if she can beat Donald Trump.

With a net worth well into the tens of millions of dollars, Clinton is not hurting for money. It doesn’t matter if she spends time as the President of the United States or continues down another path, it’s not likely that she will ever find herself in a bad financial spot.

Clinton remains in high demand, meaning that she can earn quite a bit of money by simply appearing in front of an audience. For instance, her speaking fee is a minimum of $225,000.

Other Financial Considerations

At this point, it’s clear that Clinton and her family are in a good financial position. There is speculation that their net worth is much greater than disclosed. This leads to an interesting question:

What type of life insurance would Clinton purchase?

Here are our speculations on what type of life insurance Hillary had before she released her financial records.

Here are some of the reasons that point towards Clinton purchasing a whole life policy:

• She is dedicated over the long run, which can be seen in the way that she is a lifelong politician. In other words, she has no problem taking a long-term view on the future. She can just wait patiently for her chance and then pounce. • She has proven her ability to stick “with it” during difficult times, such as when her husband dealt with a variety of “personal issues” while in office. It’s likely that she’d be okay without much cash value growth early on, realizing that this will favor her and her family in the future. • With a heavy estate tax burden, she should get some permanent coverage to pay for estate taxes.

However, when you consider the details above, it’s easy to believe that she would prefer whole life insurance over term life insurance. If she doesn’t have life insurance and wants to apply she better do it now. If she is convicted for the email scandal, no insurance company will take her.

Although would an insurance company decline a president? That would be a good article to write.

Hillary Releases Her Finances

Hillary recently made all of her financials available, and what we find when we look there is many insurance policies. You can read the full article on the Washington Post Website: Hillary Clinton’s Finances.

The following is a list of the life insurance policies Hillary Clinton has (the values are approximated for some reason):

  1. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance (Spouse) Whole Life Insurance Policy
    • Cash value – $15,001 – $50,000
    • Dividends $5,001 – $15,000
  2. Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance Policy
    • Cash value – NIA $15,001 – $50,000 
    • Dividends $5,001 $15,000
  3. National Life Insurance Company Universal Life Policy
    • Cash value – NIA $250,001 – $500,000
    • Interest $15,001 – $50,000 policy (Spouse) (held in the William J. Clinton 2010 Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust)
  4. AIG Life Insurance Universal Life Policy
    • Cash value held in WA $500,001 – $1,000,000
    • Interest $15,001 – $50,000 the Hillary Rodham Clinton Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust)
  5. AIG Life Insurance Universal Life Policy
    • Cash Value – NIA $500,001 – $1,000,000
    • Interest $15,001 – $50,000 (Spouse) (held in the William Jefferson Clinton Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust)

So we guessed half right!

Hillary has 5 insurance policies and they are all permanent. We don’t really get all the details of the policies, but we at least know the numbers approximately. So she prefers permanent insurance over term insurance because of all the reasons we already gave.

Final Note

Clinton earns millions upon millions of dollars every year. Once she leaves the earth, however, all of this will come to an end. So she knows she needs to cover her estate. Hillary has 5 policies and they are all permanent, and two of those are whole life policies.

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