Foresters Announced their 2019 dividend payout recently.

Also, they announced their 2018 participating dividend rate, which is lower than what we expected.

Here is the link and snippet from the announcement (source):

The Board of Directors for The Independent Order of Foresters has approved a dividend of approximately $24.4 million1 for eligible2 participating U.S. certificate holders in 2019. The dividend investment rate in 2018 was 6.23 percent.

Since 1874, Foresters Financial™ has a long proud history of frequently paying a dividend3.

Dividend Rates 2018

A dividend rate of 6.23% is not in line with the competition, but it drops significantly, and it means Foresters dividend rate will no longer be #1.

The drop in company performance will require us to modify all our Foresters expectations of performance. Stay tuned to see how this announcement affects our Top 7 Whole Life list.

Also, this will affect our Foresters Whole Life Review, which we will edit soon.

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