Would you like to know how much life insurance costs before you start shopping? If so, we now have a brand-new life insurance cost calculator that will help.

It’s super easy to use. Just enter your information, then our calculator will show the range of prices for whole life insurance quotes in your area, and you’ll see just how affordable it is to access the perfect whole life insurance policy.

Best of all, we offer one of the only life insurance calculators to give you quotes from all the top insurers at once in seconds.

What to know more? Great! Please keep reading for a brief introduction to our life insurance calculator.

Why Use Our Life Insurance Calculator?

If you’ve been considering purchasing life insurance, you’ve most likely realized that you’ll need to compare the available life insurance provider policies to get the best insurance rate. However, it is effortless to compare life insurance options online in 2022. Our free life insurance calculator can help you to do just that.

With it, you’ll find out the calculated cost of your policy. But, more importantly, our calculator will help you select just the right amount of coverage to protect your family.

Term vs Whole Life Insurance

Another important thing to understand is that our calculator is for whole life insurance. Term life insurance offers coverage for a specified term length, such as a 20-year policy.

Most online insurance comparison sites offer a term life insurance calculator. As a result, it’s relatively easy to find term life insurance quotes.

Meanwhile, whole life insurance will last for the entirety of your life. What’s more, whatever price you lock your whole life policy in for now is what it will cost forever.

It’s easy enough getting quotes for term life insurance, but online whole life quotes are more challenging, if not impossible, to find. No worries. We’ve got you covered.

Getting Started With the Life Insurance Calculator

You’ll need to come up with a ballpark figure of how much coverage you think you need to get started with the calculator. Then, with that figure, you can use our calculator to estimate how much you’ll pay in premiums for that amount of coverage.

The steps for using our calculator are easy.

1. Choose Your Death Benefit

First, you’ll select your cove you rage amount. It’s a good idea to choose life insurance coverage that equals 10 to 15 times your current annual income. You can even select a higher amount.

If you’re currently unemployed, you’ll want to base your coverage amount on what you believe your family would need for security. You could also enter your potential future annual income in this field if you’re not currently working.

2. Enter Your Gender

It’s important to input your gender into the calculator, especially if you’re a woman. Usually, women pay 30% less for life insurance compared to men.

3. Enter Your Date of Birth

Each year that you put off buying coverage, the cost of a good whole life insurance policy can increase between 4.5% and 9%. It’s a good idea to invest in a life insurance policy as soon as possible—the younger you are, the better.

The earlier you buy a life insurance policy, the less it will cost. So you can secure a low rate now to protect your family’s future financial security.

4. Enter Your Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number

This part is easy. You need to enter this information into the calculator to receive your personal quote.

5. Enter Your State

Here, you’ll enter your state. This information will determine what whole life insurance is available based on your state availability and laws.

Now, you’ll click the “Get a Free Quote!” button, and you’re all set. You’ll start receiving personalized quotes in seconds. We’ll send you whole life insurance quotes from the best life insurance companies available.

Securing Your Family’s Future

Whole life insurance is a vital resource for ensuring your family’s security. Losing a loved one is hard enough. However, the added burden of worrying about how to care for your family at this time could prove unbearable for your survivor.

If the unthinkable should happen, you want the peace of mind of knowing that your family’s taken care of. You can alleviate this kind of concern with a whole life insurance policy.

Your family shouldn’t have to depend on someone else in their time of need. So a whole life insurance policy is always there for your family, even when you can’t do the same.

More Than a Death Benefit

It might surprise you to find out that a whole life insurance policy can provide more than a death benefit. For instance, it can help to supplement your retirement goals. You may even want to use it to build savings to pay off future student loans.

Also, everyone wants their retirement savings to last. You can meet this goal—in part—by investing in a good whole life insurance policy.

The right insurance plan can give you a regular stream of money. So in a sense, it can work as a pension plan.

You’ll receive a steady payout every month after your retirement. You might even consider using your policy as a tool to help you to save toward buying a home.

With these points in mind, you’ll need to choose the right whole life insurance policy to cover any potential future long-term financial obligation.

Choosing the Right Insurance Policy

You have a considerable amount of work to do as you search for the right whole life insurance policy. For example, you’ll need to review the terms and conditions of each potential policy. Here, you’ll want to make sure that the details of the contract align with your needs.

It’s also essential to understand the policy lock-in period. But, again, this is a small window where you can assess how you feel about the policy you’ve purchased.

You’ll also want to consider your premium payments. But, again, it’s essential to choose a payment that will work with your budget.

Choosing a policy provider that offers conveniences such as electronic check and credit card payment options is also important. These features will make it easier to stay on top of your premium payments.

Don’t Wait. Get Started With Our Life Insurance Cost Calculator Today. It’s Easy!

We hope that we’ve shown you how easy it is to take advantage of our life insurance cost calculator. It’s truly the easiest way for you to get quotes from the top insurers in seconds. Getting a whole life insurance quote is as easy as getting one for car insurance or homeowners insurance.

What are you waiting for? Please find out how easy it is to secure your family’s future today with our free life insurance cost calculator.

The Top Whole Life Insurance calculator is the best way to get fast free quotes from the nation’s top insurers. Whether you want whole life insurance or a 20-year term policy, we can help.

In addition to giving our life insurance cost calculator a spin, you can also check out our free quote tool to compare rates from the best insurers around in seconds.

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